Khandro Sangdu Drubchen

with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Chagdud Gonpa Khadro Ling, Brazil

December 27th, 2018-January 4th, 2019

Emanations of the body, speech, mind, qualities and activity of all the sugatas

Pervasively appear in the three levels of the world,

Unobstructedly granting accomplishments of action and wisdom—

I praise the deities of the maṇḍala of gathered ḍākinīs.

At the age of 13, the female terton Jomo Menmo, an incarnation of Yeshe Tsogyal, discovered the hidden treasure teaching of the Khandro Sangwa Kündü, the Gathering of the Dakini’s Secrets. Through its practice, in the year 1283, she achieved the rainbow body at the age of 36.

Then, as recounted by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche in his History of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism: “This great secret which is so amazing, remained in the possession of the ḍākinīs for some time, and was beyond the reach and range of ordinary persons. The time to train beings by means of it came later in this age of strife, when, by the power of compassion and enlightened aspirations, the transmission of its words and meaning fell to the treasure finder Padma Ösel Do-ngak Lingpa (Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, 1820-1892). This is because, first and foremost, during his past life as Guru Chökyi Wangchuk, one of the five great terton kings, Jomo Menmo had been his secret friend, and also due to his being blessed by the ḍākinīs of pristine cognition...”

This practice of Vajravārāhī is one of the most beautiful and elaborated among ḍākinī sādhanas and is renowned for it’s power to restore the degeneration of the elements—earth, water, air and the others, and to quell the ravages of disease, famine and war. Due to its short lineage of transmission, in our present times the blessings of this practice remain fresh and potent. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche will bestow the ripening empowerment.

Requirements for participation

One must be engaged in Vajrayana Buddhist practice to attend the Khandro Sangdü Drubchen. Although numerous measures and commitments establish the foundation for Vajrayana, perhaps the clearest are the four practice authorizations one receives through the four initiations1 given in an inner tantra2 empowerment. If you have received such an empowerment and have maintained your respect and devotion to the qualified Vajra lineage holder who bestowed the transmission, you have fulfilled the requirement to attend. Empowerment into Guru Rinpoche, especially from a Treasure Teaching, is particularly auspicious.

At the time of the registration, please indicate the name of at least one empowerment you have received and the lama who bestowed it. 

This program is mainly for students who are inclined to practice the sadhana. So please take your time and consider if you are ready to uphold and practice the Vajrayana, according to the requirements set forth above.

  1. Vase, secret, mind, and precious word initiations, each of which have a corresponding practice authorization.
  2. The three inner vehicles of Vajrayana are Maha, Anu, and Ati Yoga, and all empowerments given in Chagdud Gonpa are inner tantras. The three outer Vajrayana vehicles of Kriya, Charya, and Yoga Tantra also involve empowerment, but do not fulfill the requirement for this Drubchen. If you wish to attend, you should receive a inner tantra empowerment before December.



During this drubchen Khadro Ling will not provide accommodations for participants. However, to facilitate arrangements we have contacted hotels in the area so that everyone will be able to find a suitable place to stay. The hotels and hostels listed below have different rates to suit different needs. We recommend the Ibis Hotel or Ecoland for English speakers.


Please be sure to arrive at your place of lodging by December, 26th. The event will start on the 27th, and the time is yet to be confirmed.


Drubchen will finish on January, 4th, 2019. That evening there will be a party to celebrate the event. We suggest you schedule your check-out for January, 5th.

Please note:

As the drubchen is scheduled during a high tourist season in the region, we suggest that participants make hotel reservations without delay.

Contact info:

If you have any questions about this event or logistics, feel free to contact events manager Tsering at

Hotels and lodgings affiliated with the event:

The block off of reservations for our event will close the end of September.

Três Coroas (how to get to)
  • Pousada Três Coroas (simple accommodations)
    +55 51 99995 2662
    Inform the promo code: event DKR
  • Espaço Amarte
    +55 51 99627 7233
    +55 51 99811 7799 (For foreigners only)
    Inform the promo code: event DKR
Igrejinha (how to get to)
  • Ibis Hotel
    Instructions for booking: (link to PDF)
    The promotional code for this hotel is in the instructions pdf.
    English and Portuguese service
  • Ecoland
    +55 51 3545 5500
    +55 51 98594 3488 (WhatsApp)
    English and Portuguese service
    Inform the promo code: event DKR
Taquara (how to get to)
  • Candemil Hotel
    Inform the promo code: event DKR
  • Hotel & Hostel Raiz (simple accommodation)
    +55 51 3541 1484
    +55 51 99998 2689
    Inform the promo code: event DKR
São Francisco de Paula (how to get to)

Other hotels in the area (not affiliated)

Três Coroas
São Francisco de Paula
  • Remember to bring personal hygiene products and medications.
  • Three daily meals are included in the event fee.
  • All sink tap water is potable at Khadro Ling.
  • Bring your meditation cushion (identified with your name), flashlight, rain gear, sunscreen, hat, insect repellent, comfortable walking footwear and warm clothes.
  • Please bring small bank notes for business transactions.
  • The weather conditions in this area vary. We suggest that everyone check the weather forecast before arrival.
  • At Khadro Ling we do not have computers available for event participant use.
  • Medications can be ordered for delivery from Três Coroas pharmacies. The phone numbers are posted on the reception message board.
  • The nearest banks are located in Três Coroas, Taquara, Gramado and São Francisco de Paula.
  • Our store accepts Visa, Mastercard and Cielo credit cards.
  • Please, do not take dinnerware from dining area to other locations such as shrineroom during event.
  • We suggest bringing your own water bottle to avoid plastic waste.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all Khadro Ling areas.
  • Keep personal objects and value items with you or appropriately stored. Khadro Ling is not responsible for any lost object during events.
  • Do not feed the animals. Some of them get very sick from receiving food that are not part of their diet.
  • Thrift shop: Khadro Ling has a thrift shop to raise funds for its projects. Donations in good condition are welcome.
  • Tchod drum and Kangling will not be used along the event.


Event and accommodation rates do not include daily transport/transfer fees.
More information about transportation to the event will be posted closer to the event.


Registration for Khandro Sangdu Drubchen has been closed.